Training Philosophy

Who do I have to be to take on the 8 for 80 Project? I have to be someone who is willing to take on the challenge of a rigorous training program for sure. I also want to have fun wile I am climbing major ice and rock routs in different mountain ranges, raising $100,000 for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease research, by the end of winter 2019 when I will be 80!

Achieving an optimal level of physical and mental fitness is a challenge at any age and, as I get older, it is a major challenge just to maintain my fitness at a level appropriate for adventures ahead. The 8 for 80 Project will require a considerable amount of mental alertness, aerobic fitness, agility, strength, balance and flexibility.

However, the key components to make anything work is integrity. Integrity is the minimum requirement for work-ability. It means honoring my word to myself and others. It means that I will do what I say I will do.

Latest Training


Golsjuvet, Route NR 6, HOVEDSOYLA HOYRE, WI 5, 32 m, first ascent Markus Landro, 2002Clean ice line with fabulous vertical ...
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Flaggetfossen – WI 3+

Good news! First day out ice climbing in Hemsedal,Norway 🇳🇴Flaggetfossen, rated WI 3+ with a vertical drop of 110 meters ...
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Hydnefossen, a 155 meter vertical drop frozen waterfall is the most dominant and famous feature in Hemsedal! Hemsedal here we ...
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Henry Cowell Training!

Hiking with my love bugs and my 25 pound pack! Getting fit for ice climbing at Henry Cowell Redwoods State ...
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Training for Ice Climbing!

Sunday morning fun with Balder. Cruzing up and down two blocks of stairs at Lyon and Broadway in San San ...
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Concentrating on form! ...
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Self Rescue Class

Took a self-rescue course at Pacific Edge climbing gym this weekend. Part of my current objective to be more aware ...
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Sunday Morning Family Fun!

We're all training for something: Climbing, running track and life! ...
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8 for 80 Training program

Various aspects of the training will be on going during the entire project period with the support and guidance of personal trainer and climbing coach.

Training at Crossfit Central in Santa Cruz with personal trainer Jim Baker twice a week for functional fitness.

Training for climbing with personal coach Gwen Krebs will include both indoor and outdoor climbing terrain as well as adaptive workouts using cardio machines and the weight room equipment. I will focus on functional movement designed to simulate long approaches, multi-pitch climbing, high altitude steep vertical, traversing, and unstable terrain. The program is a 6 week block program that increases in difficulty. Each block level has a different focus: stability/endurance, power endurance, strength/power, strength and endurance for stamina. Read all the training details…

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