Plans Change Unexpectedly

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You can’t control what life throws at you!

One week ago my bag was packed, my dog was ready for boarding and I had arranged for a 4:30am airport shuttle. I was heading for Boulder, Colorado to train and complete the third 8for80 adventure, the Bastille Crack! My friend Diane had agreed to join me. Every detail was taken care of, and then, life presented me with a challenge that changed all that! During the night my dog, Balder, got sick and had to be hospitalized for three days because of a major blockage in his intestines and stomach that initially manifested itself vomiting and difficulty breathing. The hospital veterinarian was recommending surgery. Instead I checked him out of the hospital and took him home for my own monitoring and delivery of recommended antibiotic etc.

Two days ago the foreign substance in his guts passed through!!! I was so relieved. Then as soon as that trauma had passed I started feeling sorry for myself for missing out on the scheduled climb!

My granddaughter, who is one of my most loving and supportive fans encouraged me to communicate my trauma with Balder and perceived climbing failure. I love her so much and gave her my word that I would communicate to my social media followers. So here you have it.

Days later I was trekking on the beach at low tide with Simone and Balder! Two of my most precious companions. I was discussing with her the four agreements that I go back to when I am discouraged and down in myself.

She is wise beyond her years and gives me good advice. She suggested that I say the following to myself when I am down like that: “I know that stars can not shine without darkness so I will be the star of gratefulness, happiness and love.”

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